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Nortel BCM50 Main Unit

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Nortel BCM 50 6.0 Main Unit (NT9T6506BBNA)
The BCM 50 6.0 main unit provides call processing and simple data-networking functions. It comes with a full set of standard and IP telephony features that can respond to the varied requirements of your business.

BCM 50 6.0 Features

  •    The system is initially configured 0x0. By activating keycodes the main unit can be configured up to 4 analog trunks, 12 digital stations, 4 analog stations, 32 IP stations, and 12 IP trunks

  •    Also includes 4 connections for auxiliary equipment - auxiliary ringer, page relay, page output, and music source

  •    Up to 2 expansion units can be added which allow the addition of 1 media bay module each; these can be used to add analog/digital stations and analog/digital trunking

  •    Provides 10 voicemail ports with 0 initial mailboxes; voicemail boxes can be activated by keycodes (up to 1000) w/100 hours of storage

  •    Provides four LAN ports: one is the OAM port for technicians, and the other three are for basic LAN connectivity.

New Features for BCM 50 6.0

  •    Advanced Paging Productivity Pack text paging

  •    Find Me/Follow Me enhancements

  •    Meet Me Conference Portal

  •    BCM50 and BCM450 imaging tool

  •    Programming memory button with names for external autodial

  •    CLID enhancements

  •    SIP trunking accounts Set template support for line pool assignment

  •    Remote Worker support

  •    Multi-image hard drive

Nortel BCM 50 Expansion Unit (NT9T6402E5)

The BCM50 expansion unit is a compact unit that accommodates the Media Bay Modules used by other BCM platforms

Nortel BCM 50 Expansion Unit Features

  •    The BCM50 main unit can support a maximum of two expansion units

  •    Expansion ports on the BCM50 are enabled through keycodes

  •    Each expansion unit is capable of supporting one Media Bay Module

Compatible Media Bay Modules

  •    4x16 Combo (4 analog trunks, 16 digital stations)

  •    8x16 combo (8 analog trunks, 16 digital stations)

  •    ADID4 and ADID8 modules

  •    ASM8+ (8-port analog station interface)

  •    CTM4 (4-port CLID trunk module)

  •    CTM8 (8-port CLID trunk module)

  •    DTM (digital trunk module)

  •    BRI (ISDN Basic Rate trunk module)

  •    DSM16+ (16-port digital station module)

  •    DSM32+ (32-port digital station module)

  •    GATM4 (4-port global analog trunk module)

  •    GATM8 (8-port global analog trunk module)

  •    GASM8 (8-port global analog station module)

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