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Support and Maintenance


ACS Canada offers on site support to its clients Maintenance can be done on a per visit basis or a service plan or maintenance contract can be purchased. Our service plans will let you, the customer, have peace of mind, that a qualified technician is just a phone call away. Our service plan offers a guaranteed 2-8 hour response time depending on whether it's an emergency or a routine service call. You can rest assured that most problems are resolved within 24 hours.

In worst-case situations, we will loan or replace the required equipment to ensure that your company continues functioning despite telephone problems. We carry an inventory of parts and accessories, so we usually have the parts in stock for immediate repairs.

Key benefits of our service agreement:

  • The establishment of a help desk aimed at improving response time to trouble calls.

  • Increasing staff and equipment in our service department.

  • Improving our 24 - hour service by providing additional communication links to our service department after hours.

  • Perform moves, adds, and changes at preferential rates.

  • Free technical support.

  • Ten (10%) to Twenty five per cent (25%) discount on any new additional equipment purchased.

  • Attempts will be made to have all problems that are not cable related repaired within 48 hours from the time of report. Problems that are cable related and require the services of third party telecommunications providers will be properly documented and submitted to the systems co-coordinator within your organization.

  • Guaranteed response time of one (1) to four (4) hours for emergency calls and within 24 hours for other reports.

  • Provision of replacement equipment and repairs at discount prices

  • On site Training on equipment as required. We will offer to train up to three (3) persons within your organization on System Administration; the training session will be for 2-3 hours

  • Liaise and meet with third party telecommunications providers at the client's request

  • Loan courtesy equipment until existing equipment can be replaced or repaired.

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